Speaking Topics

Career Cartography
The early steps of one’s career are most easily navigated with a map. In this upbeat and interactive session, participants are led through discoveries and discussion on topics including identifying skills and interests, choosing internships, committee and volunteers posts and other work-related learning opportunities wisely, prospective employers identification in cities away from “home,” resume formats and interview processes, connecting versus networking, maximizing involvement in professional organizations, industry trends, and how to overcome generational stereotypes and other challenges in the workplace. Participants will define specific tactics to help them chart a course to attain and then leverage the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the demands and expectations of employers. This presentation is designed for college seniors and young professionals with one to three years experience. While it can be condensed, it’s best delivered as a half or full-day workshop.

Close But No Cigar
Case studies of communications plans that not quite, but almost achieved greatness serve as starting points for discussion and education on how minor differences in the planning and implementation process could have had major impact in the results. Excellent fit for communications professionals interested in strategy and best practices but easily tailored to any industry. Content can be presented in a variety of formats between 45-minutes to a half-day.

Forever Jung
Using Jung’s work on “archetypes” as a foundation, Kris introduces how and why universally shared ideas or stories resonate with audiences. Specific examples of national brands are used to illustrate this premise. This 45-minute presentation is also offered as a workshop of up to eight hours.


Impact and Pitfalls of Integrating Social Media Into the Communications Mix
Case studies and best practices serve as a foundation for how to harness the power of the social web in the successful operation of special districts. The presentation is highly customized to the audience and offered in a variety of time increments from 45-minutes to three hours.

Raising the Bar: Best Communications Practices for Professional Communicators
Regardless of our area of concentration, many of us “professional communicators” aren’t very good at communicating. In this hour-long presentation we’ll explore real-life examples of communications gone bad, and define tactics on how to improve communications between each other and within the groups and committees on which we are involved. This presentation can also be expanded to a full-day workshop for teams wanting to define standards or otherwise fine tune how they communicate as or within a group.

Strangelove: How I Learned To Stop Being Controlled By And Love Technology
Who’s in control, you or technology? This presentation explores and explains alternative technology solutions to those that are often engrossing and addictive, and keep you and your team from being productive. Participants will learn how use of the right digital tools will greatly enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Kris shares her knowledge of a variety of tools that help businesses work smarter as well as how and why she broke up with email. This 45-minute presentation is also offered as a daylong workshop and ongoing training.

Tapping Into Talent to Spark Team Engagement and Keep the Home Fires Burning 24/7
Part of the job of professional communicators– regardless of the primary discipline in which we work– is to observe messages and trends and use our insight to provide effective solutions for our clients. We are working in a field that is rapidly changing as a result of consumers being plugged in 24 hours a day. To maintain a competitive edge, we must constantly be tuned in to what’s going on around us. This presentation explores tactics for getting your team excited about “working” 24 hours a day so their creativity is continuously sparked and focused toward personal, team, and client advancement. Counselors are made, not born. Helping junior staffers learn how to dig deep and leverage their experiences in the world– the ones that occur outside the 40-hour work week– will guide them toward a more complete picture of agency concerns, lifelong learning, career satisfaction, and strategic thinking that come naturally. This 45-minute presentation is also offered as a workshop or ongoing training within or outside of communication disciplines.

The Play’s The Thing
Whether on stage, in the boardroom, or on a phone conference, theatre exercises and games can unlock spontaneity, promote relaxation, strengthen the ability to make creative choices, and add life to the art of communication. This presentation is designed specifically for professionals who conduct public speaking or make frequent presentations in their work. This 45-minute presentation is also offered as a workshop of up to three days and as ongoing training.

Writing Your Own Success Story: Tools & Tactics for Overcoming the Millennial Stereotype
Millennials are responding to the virtual suggestion boxes that exist within articles, blogs and conversations by reintroducing themselves as “new and improved.” Now what? This presentation can be geared toward those who manage Millennials or toward helping a Millennial audience become “new and improved” themselves. Content can be presented in a variety of formats between 45-minutes to a half-day.

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